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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maeng Da Kratom

so whats all this fuss about Maeng Da Pimp Kratom crap? Well it got me back to blogging after a year long break that's one thing for certain.

I have tried it, and it is by far the strongest most powerful natural leaf kratom leaf product around. I highly recommend it, and can see why its called the pimp grade kratom.

Here are some links with more info about Maeng Da Kratom effects if you would like to continue your research and ad some reading pleasure at the same time. Give them a read, at the very least they will make you laugh.

pimp grade kratom

pimp kratom

strongest kratom

Thailands pimps kratom

most powerful kratom

maeng da kratom incense

pimp kratom

thai pimp kratom powder

shamanic healing

speciosa kratom

I hope these resources are not only enjoyable for you, but also educational. Long live the kratom tree

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Sunday, March 25, 2007


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kratom Seeds

Hello everyone. Its been agesssss since my last post. New job, and never can find the time to get online. I will attempt to keep making regular posts, but also want to invite you all to post comments and such on what kinds of things you would like to see talked about on this kratom blog.

Do any of you know a good source for kratom seeds? I am considering giving it a try agian to grow a few more plants. My last kratom plants were eaten alive by bugs.....well that and the fact i didnt water them for a couple weeks probably didnt help much either.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

PNG Kratom New Guinea 20X Extract

Well its been well over a week since my last kratom blog post. But its been a busy week. This week I have been the PNG Kratom New Guinea 20X Extract quite a bit and feel more confident in my reporting of its effects now. Unfortunately I have used the last of my order, and will have to order more in the next few weeks.

Basically the easiest way i can sum up the effects of the PNG Kratom New Guinea 20X Extract is that it provides almost a total body energy. Its kratom effects are certainly different from the 15x kratom in my opinion. For me the PNG Kratom New Guinea 20X Extract provides a super "kick in the pants", lets get to WORK and not stop till its finished type of kratom effect. My wife complains that i talk to much when using the PNG Kratom New Guinea 20X Extract but of course she hasnt complained one bit about the things I accomplished at work and around the house this week with the aid of the PNG Kratom boost.

The kratom effects of the PNG Kratom New Guinea 20X Extract seem to kick in rather quickly with the water/shaken tea method. I tried putting it in a warm tea as well, and the effects were a bit quicker. I also tried to put it in caps one day. The cap method took a LOT longer, so I guess the same issue with the 15x kratom in caps applied to the PNG Kratom in caps. Therefore i would suggest to anyone trying the PNG Kratom New Guinea 20X Extract to use it in a drink, and grin and bear the kratom taste........afterall a handfull of minutes later and the kratom effects of the PNG Kratom New Guinea 20X Extract will certainly make up for the few moments of bitter kratom tea rolling across your tongue.

So how bout it? Anyone else give this new PNG Kratom New Guinea 20X Extract a try yet?

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Papuan Kratom Extract Reviewed

Well Sunday was the day for the Papuan 20x Kratom Extract test.

I decided to try this new PNG Kratom in a slightly different manner from my normal 15x kratom extract method. I heard about this method from a friend of mine, and must say it was pretty darn easy. I will be trying it with the regular 15x kratom extract on Tuesday to see if it works the same.

Ok, now for the details.

Woke up at my usual weekend time and was immediately handed my list of Sunday chores and fixer upper jobs from my wife. Aren't wives great for that? LOL The list was long, and filled with boring stuff and I was a little hesitate that by trying a new form of kratom and not being certain of the effects, but since I posted here a few days ago that I would report my review of the new 20x Papua Kratom Extract I figured I better stick to my word.

  • Weighed up 3 grams of 20x Papuan Kratom Extract
  • Grabbed a smallish water bottle off the shelf, and drank down about 30% of it
  • Poured in the 3 grams of 20x PNG Kratom Extract
  • Shook the bottle like CRAZY
  • Chugged down about half the bottle

The taste was ehhh, well you know the taste of kratom tea. Actually in all fairness it wasn’t too bad with this method, maybe because the mouth of the water bottle was so small my nose didn’t smell the kratom and adding to the taste, or maybe because the Papuan kratom just has a better taste. I will have to do some more testing over the weeks to come and see what the results are.

About 15-20 minutes later (not sure exactly, forgot to time it) I felt like I just finished a stiff double espresso, but also a bit on the talkative/happy side.

My wife then reminded me about my list of duties for the day. =( But without hesitation I grabbed the list and went to work. After about an hour of running a paint brush up and down my garage door my wife called me in for lunch. My 20x PNG Kratom tea bottle was sitting on the table next to a bottle of honey, and the chefs salad she had just prepared for lunch.
I decided it was time to get that other 1.5 gms into my system, but wanted to see if I could easily enhance the taste of the kratom tea. So I squeezed some of sue bee's finest into my instant kratom tea and gave it another violent shake. The result was quite pleasant (for Kratom tea at least) and it went down surprisingly smooth.

Ok, now it was time to get back to work again. I started painting the back side of my garage door, and before I knew it I had also washed the cars, sprayed out the trash cans, scrubbed the oil leak stains off the drive way and cut the tree brach that was hanging over into our neighbors yard. I practically didnt even realize how much I had accomplished in such a short amount of time.

The effects of this Kratom certainly focused my mindset on getting things done. Afterwards it was time to shower up and meet some friends for an evening dinner party.
When I got to the party I quickly realized that the Kratom effects from the 20x Kratom were still certainly present as I seemed to have burned holes in everyone’s ears by how much I was talking and involving myself in the conversations. Often times my wife complains that I can be a bit of a bump on a toads back when in social situations, but this was certainly not the case this time.

How would I sum up this New Guinea Kratom Extract experience? VERY DIFFERENT from that of the Bali 15x extract that’s for sure. The PNG kratom extract seemed to hit my energy and socialability button much more than even the Kratom pies did the week prior. I was flying and motivated to say the least.

I didn't notice any sedation type feelings from this strain of kratom. I am not sure if that’s just the characteristic of the Papuan kratom, and its more energy/social based in effects, or if my dose was below the sedation threshold. I will do some more experiments with it over the weeks to come. But from what I felt on Sunday I really believe this will become my NEW PREFERED Kratom of choice for working. If the effects in the future are anything like Sundays effects then I am sold for sure.

The cost is pretty expensive compared to the 15x Kratom extract but considering the effects of the PNG Kratom Extract were so strong for 3gms split an hour or more apart it was pretty relative. I am looking forward to trying a full 3gms all in one sitting and seeing how big of a punch that packs.

If anyone reading this post has tried the 20x Papua Kratom Extract please leave your comments. I am very interested to see if others have experienced the same thing I did with this PNG Kratom.

Well that's all until next time.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Papua New Guinea Kratom Extract

Well I couldn't wait any longer. The buzz around town about the Papua New Guinea kratom extract (20x PNG Kratom) is that its SWEEEEEET!!

I just got done ordering some of that new PNG kratom extract.

The PNG kratom should be here on Wednesday, and i will share my thoughts on this blog once it arrives. I sure hope its as good as everyone says, for the money it darn well better be.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Kratom Pies, arrived, and reviewed

My first Kratom Pie arrived on Monday. For those of you that aren't familiar with kratom pies, here is a websnippet that pretty much somes it up.

  1. ""Bali "Kratom Pies" Resin ExtractPhoto of Kratom resin extract pie, made from bali mitragyna speciosa leaves. Kratom Pies, Mitragyna speciosa are a new Kratom Resin Extract made from fresh Bali Kratom leaves. Kratom Pies entered the Kratom Market in September 2006.This new Kratom Resin Extract is a step above the older varieties of Kratom Resin available in 2005. The extraction process and quality control standards have said to be greatly increased.Approximately 7-8 kilos of raw Bali Kratom Leaf (Mitragyna speciosa) are required to produce a single kilo of Kratom Pies. Kratom Pies are approximately half as strong as the 15 x Kratom Standardized Extract """
Text and photo from: Kratom Pies: Fresh Bali Kratom Resin Extract

Photo of Kratom resin extract pie, made from bali mitragyna speciosa leaves

Ok back to the main purpose of this kratom blog post.

Well my Kratom Pie arrived in the morning, and it weighed in at 39.5gm. Its shape was a little funky, but it was still sealed up tight so nothing to worry about. I immediately opened it to give it a smell. It certainly smells like kratom extract, so that was a good sign. The smell isnt as strong as some of the other kratom grades though, probably because of it being in block form like this.

I decided to wait untill after lunch to give it a try, so around 2pm (2 hrs after chowing) I grabbed my scale in one hand, and my butter knife in the other and headed for the cutting board. I tried to cut the resin with my butter knife, but the knife was a little flimsy so i used a slightly thicker knife and went to work. I started around the biggest edge of my kratom pie blob and cut off pieces about half the size of a dime. I cut until i had around 5 grams according to my digital friend, and then put the kratom pie back into its little kratom pie baggy.

Then it was time to roll these little babies up and give them a spin. The anticipation was killing me. I really love trying new herbal products like this, especially ones which i love like i do kratom.

Anyway I tried rolling them in between my fingers and it worked rather well, but did require some strength to do. So instead i decided to experiment a bit to see where its melting point was, and how workable it is when warm. So I grabbed a coffee cup, filled it with steamy hot water and placed it on the table. I then grabbed a flat saucer, and placed it on top of the steamy coffee cup. Within a few seconds warmth was evident on the saucers service so i placed a couple of my little pieces of kratom pie on top. Whalla, within a minute they were quite soft and really easy to work with. The only problem was when i picked the little kratom pie pieces up off the saucer some of the resin stuck to the saucer. So i had to use my butter knife to scrap the tiny amount of kratom resin up and paint it back onto the kratom pie bit.

Rolling up kratom pies when a little warm into smooth balls was is a piece of cake (well I should say piece of PIE! LOL). Anyway i highly reccomend this for anyone working with kratom resin like these little pies. I think this type of kratom would be great in the morning. Brew up a cup of joe, throw a plate with your kratom pie chunks up on top of the joe, wait a moment, roll them up, and pop them back and your off to start a great day. Also i would imagine the warm joe mixing in your stomach while you read the morning paper will help to speed up and maybe even intensify the effects. Hey how about warm morning coffee, kratom pie bits, and a grapefruit for desert. Now thats a breakfast for a champion.

Ok ok, i know you want the effect reports. The kratom effects started to be noticeable for me after about 20 minutes (more or less) and were surprisingly strong. I wasnt expecting much from these pies, but i am quite pleased actually. Just enough eurphoia to say it leans towards bali kratom effects, but also a good amount of energy was present as well. Afterall i chased my dog around the park for 3 hours playing frisbee, so YES there was ENERGY!

I think a smaller dose would have been enough just to trigger the energy, and a higher dose certainly would likely increase on the euphoric, lay down a chill type effect as kratom normally does for me. But i have only tried the kratom pies once, so i cant report full details yet.

Bottomline from this test. Kratom pies are certainly active, and a little more potent than i had expected. They are pricey, but having a non powdered and non leafy kratom available is really nice. I want to test later this week how well the little kratom balls hold there shape once formed. If they hold their shape well, then I might make a bunch once or 1gm balls and then store then in a little box for easy access when needed....preweighed and ready to go.

Stay tuned for more =)


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